2012: The year in review

In a few shorts hours, 2012 will be history.  The year was a good one for The Good in Sports.  A few weeks ago I had the idea of going back through our year, read the stories and put together a list of some of the greatest moments.

To begin, the Good in Sports is proud to have traveled long-distances to make a difference in the lives of  many.

  • March:  Jessica traveled to Nicaragua on a mission trip and delivered sports equipment.  With the help of our Outreach Coordinator, Chris Hunt, Jessica was able to take many supplies and make a favorable and lasting impact on many.
  • April:  Sam traveled to Fort Myers, Florida to cover Dave Clark’s Disability Dream Day.  It was a chance to watch a former professional baseball player give youngsters with disabilities the opportunity to enjoy a day of baseball.
  • June:  The Good in Sports received an email from a University of Miami student who read an article from 2011 about Pirates broadcaster Greg Brown.  The student has since graduated with a degree in broadcasting.  The student was interested in meeting Greg and we made it happen.
  • July:  Joe received an email from a family who were taking care of their nephews after their father died tragically.  The family was hosting the children at their home in St. Louis and asked for help in getting their nephews to a Cardinals game.  Joe worked with the Cardinals and their special day was a reality.
During 2012 numerous articles were written by our team of terrific writers.  I want to share with you some of my favorite.  Keep in mind, I wasn’t sure how many to share, I narrowed it down to 20.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.
The Good in Sports has a lot planned for 2013.  We hope you will all come along for the ride and enjoy, as much as we do, watching athletes and coaches make a difference in the lives of so many.
Happy New Year!
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