Toilet Bowl #48 is in the books

STREATOR, IL – The tradition of playing football the Saturday after Thanksgiving lived on this past weekend in Streator, Illinois.  The 48th Annual Toilet Bowl once again brought family and friends together for a stellar game showcasing the athleticism of participants aged 15 – 65. Under mostly sunny skies, the temperature hovered around the mid 30′s, perfect football weather for anyone who has grown up in the Midwest.

Once again, the “old guys” lined up against the “young guys.”  The cut-off age this year was 35, which again put me on the “young guys” team and gave me another opportunity to face-off with an original, John Mohan.  At the young age of 65, John looked and played as if he discovered the fountain of youth over the past year.

Over the years, the Mohan participants have received the nickname “No Hands, Mo-Han”.  This is in large part due to their

John Mohan poses proudly with his new #IAMTGIS shirt.

difficulty of catching passes.  Well, this year should be known as “The Resurgence of the Mohan’s”.  Bob, Dan, Doug, Jay, John and Scott made big plays and caught numerous passes.  Nobody had a better day than John.  He had roughly 12 catches for 30 yards and scored a touchdown.  These numbers were good enough for him to earn an “#IAMTGIS” shirt.

The “young guys” were victorious, winning the game 14-8.  Before you think it was a defensive battle, let me remind you touchdowns are worth one point in the Toilet Bowl.

Following the game, participants headed to the Broadway Tap for a post-game celebration.  Laughter and stories from past Toilet Bowls filled the air and gave everyone a chance to catch up with family and friends.  I think it’s safe to say, a good time was had by all.

We now count the days in anticipation of the 49th Annual Toilet Bowl.

Do you participate in similar events and traditions?  Let us know, we want to hear your stories! The Good in Sports salutes all Toilet Bowl participants and wishes them the best of luck in 2013!
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  1. Nice job, Sam. Love the aritical.

  2. Thanks Sam for playing with the Mohans & recording a little fun Bulldog history. The CALIFORNIA contingent was cheering for the IRISH that day as they defeated arch enemy USC… We have 2014 on the calendar for the big 50th.

  3. Nice job Sam. Thanks for the Mohan shout out. They don’t come frequently.

  4. Sam Sankovich says:

    All – Thank you! One of my favorite days of the year, so glad my folks were / and still are friends with the family. The family is good stuff. Looking forward to the 50th and seeing the California contingent again, last year was a great time.

  5. Hi Sam, nice descriptive story. Next year will be a gateway for the 50th. How many days were you sore for? My thighs hurt till Tuesday.

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