Our Fav Tweeters: First Edition

Welcome to our first installment of “Our Favorite Tweeters.” I mean, social media rules the world, so we figured we’d start highlighting some of the Tweeters that we enjoying following because, while it may sound a bit narcissistic, we think you might enjoy following them, too. Of course, the one caveat is that we’re not responsible for any of the content found on their timelines – we follow them because, from what we’ve seen, they’re generally positive and upbeat and tweet-out content we tend to enjoy.

This installment’s highlight goes to a brand-new twitter account which was started on May 26th, 2012, called @Athlete_nation. This account has only been around for a few months, but is already pushing 8,000 followers (as of this blurb). @Athlete_nation describes itself as “the official account of all athletes. We tweet all about motivation, and the life of an athlete.”

While there are likely other accounts to claim the same, we enjoy the positivity coming from the tweets and, from what we’ve seen, so do many others.

Another thing we especially like about @Athlete_nation is that he’s always willing to converse. It’s not the type of account that just publishes tweets on a schedule and never replies to anyone. He’s always willing to strike up a convo. When we asked him why he started the account, he said, “I made this account for motivational purposes. To get people off the couch and inspired to train.”

For that, we dig @Athlete_nation and think it’s definitely worth checking out.

Stay tuned for our next favorite tweeter…




  1. I love this preview of @athlete_nation’s (my) account. Well put, and couldn’t have described us better.

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